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SynthDriver is a prototype device in tangible interaction built upon the Arduino hardware development platform. It is a wireless music instrument and MIDI controller that affords the performer to move comfortably in a space, while also manipulating the instrument in a natural and familiar way. The orientation and movement of the synthdriver in space is sensed by an accelerometer and gyroscope to provide 3-axis of command control output that can be mapped to any MIDI device parameter allowing for an infinite possible sounds patterns. In my implementation, a membrane potentiometer mounted to the synthdriver is used to trigger notes along a single octave, while a second potentiometer is used to control stereo pan. The components are mounted in the detached steering wheel of a 1991 Chevy Trailblazer and powered by 4xAA batteries with wireless communication facilitated via Bluetooth.

This project required successful integration of design, fabrication, and programming. The SynthDriver was able to accurately detect rotation and revolution within 3D space to a surprisingly high degree of accuracy. The hardware design details along with the source code are available on the official project post.